Thursday, September 15, 2011

Taste Bug's

There's no way not to meet each other before the local universities resume their lessons. So we went shopping together as planned. We actually planned to go for a movie before the shopping but I woke up late and haven't had my lunch. 
 I picked Taste Bug's restaurant and cafe, branch at KSL city. The set lunch almost full die me =.=
Appetizer - Mushroom soup
Beverage - Sprite
Main course - Teriyaki fish with fried rice
 The ice blended chocolate looks nice!! I love the whipped cream especially!!!
 It is a wild mushrooms soup. This soup is seriously filling, I was full after drinking it. Om nom nom, I love it!!
If you think there's only a piece of fish in that size then you are super wrong. I was given TWO big pieces of dory fish. Surprisingly I didn't go =) but =S because I was full. However, I still threw them into my stomach. 30 minutes to finish a plate of rice considers as eating at super slow speed.
Deep fried mussels. I can smell the sea when it was served on the table. Maybe should try it on my next visit. I miss the mussels fried rice from Manhattan Fish Market. =)
We are EC =) 

All photos credit to C !!! Thanks...I am waiting for my portrait. LOL
I think I am leading UK time now~that's not so good for my health...

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