Thursday, October 27, 2011


1911 is Jackie Chan's 100th movie so must watch it in cinema. It's a movie about the revolution of China during 1911. Mr. Sun Yat-sen wanted a democratic country. 

Jackie Chan and Li Bingbing acted as a couple in the movie. It did not show how they fell in love, hmmm. 
This man really resembles the actual Sun Yat Sen. Therefore, he always acted as Mr. Sun.  
She acted as the last Empress Dowager of China. Few parts of her acting I don't quite understand. Why suddenly cry and angry? hmmm 
Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan's son has a part in 1911 too. I think he acted as a commander too. 
Hu ge showed up in the movie at the beginning, as a member of the revolution. He is still handsome with black face. woow~ 

I have no idea what to comment about the movie since I don't know which part of the movie is created and not from the history. However, I did enjoy watching the movie in the cinema. 

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