Friday, October 07, 2011

Hong Kong

We took a taxi from the ferry pier to the hotel, a 5 minutes' journey. The taxi driver is a Indonesian-Chinese and he spoke a sentence of Malay to us before we got down. We passed by a shop at Macau and the seller greeted us, ''Selamat Datang''. Obviously we would turned and looked at him, and he said ''Amoi cantik''. Well, we continued walking and ignored him. That's bad. 

It is Prudential Hotel located at Jordan MTR station linked with one shopping mall below. I like this hotel's service, they are polite, friendly and helpful. It's 2 stations away from Mong Kong only. 
The first thing we did after check-in hotel was to look for food and we found this restaurant still serving dim sum high tea. It was already nearly 4pm and the restaurant was crowded. The picture above is pumpkin dunno what, quite chewy and tasty.
The chicken feet look tasty but too bad, I don't eat. 

Walked around that area, Crocodile was having big sales. We walked out with big grins =) I didn't buy any apparel but the salespeople there are handsome so I have big grin too. haha 
That's McDonald's pork and egg burger for bro since he didn't follow us for high tea. I didn't try it so no idea how's the taste. 

We had something good for dinner because it was jiejie's birthday. It's second time to celebrate our family's member's birthday at overseas. 

It's a must to try brewed soup in Hong Kong since Hong Kong people love to drink soups so much. 6 of us with 5 bowls of rice but I ate almost 2 bowls of rice. In fact, I was the one didn't order any rice. We wandering around the street after makan. Hmmm..we sneaked to Mong Kok - Women's street / Sneakers' street after papa and mama went back to hotel room. 

My first visit was 5 years ago so I don't have much memory left there. Nike, Puma, Adidas and other brands are every way along the street. Every foot step has one of those brands, just like Sasa and Bonjour (another shop similar to Sasa, famous in HK). 
Left : Curry fish balls    Right: Egg-look-alike-bahulu 
OK, I admit I have no idea what's the thing is called but it is nice. hahaha The stall is selling smelly bean curd too. I didn't buy it since I cannot even stand the smell. ewww
I shall blog about Ngoh Ping in later post entry. Ciao~ 

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