Sunday, October 09, 2011

Kids are innocent

I love this picture very much.

Most of the time words from kids can warm your heart. A hug from them make you feel great. My niece gave me a big bear hug and said, J1 wo ai ni (I love you) out of a sudden. I am very good with this niece but I didn't know she loves me this much. haha The hug and the words melt my heart. However, she pleased me with white lies. She said I am prettier than an actress on the TV. 

Me:Hey is xxxx pretty? *pointing to the TV* (She's a hard core fans of dramas)
Niece: No lah..not pretty *turned and looked at me* you are even prettier than her
Me: O.O sure not? 

She then pulled me to the room and said wanna play with me. Her mother has one unwanted mobile phone without sim card and now is hers. She was so enthusiastic to take pictures of everyone, snapping here and there. This little girl might be small and young but she is really filial. 

Niece: Popo, have you taken the kuih? 
Popo: Yaya, I took.
Niece: You take one more lah, later night time hungry can eat. 
I asked this talented nephew to draw me a picture
and he did =)

If you are the grandma, would you be delighted by the words? She took photo of her grandpa and showed it to me then said, see grandpa so stylo. =) She is only Primary 1 and she gives herself so much of stress in studies. Good luck to you my little girl, your efforts would be paid off. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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