Monday, October 24, 2011


I asked Kelyn whether she could bring me around at Kuching if I visit, immediately she answered SURE!! She informed me when there's a promotion for air tickets and I bought. 
This is my very first time flying alone and the first time flying from Senai Airport too. I checked in and waited at the gate alone excitedly. The airport wifi doesn't allow me to access to Facebook and Twitter so I only managed to use Whats app.   
Flying alone was full with excitement like what my friend told me. As usual, I dig out the sky shopping catalogue and magazine to kill my time. Yawnss...nothing is nice. The man sat on my right just couldn't stop talking throughout the whole journey. The plane landed at Kuching International Airport 10 minutes earlier than estimated time. I wanted to do shopping before I do clearance but I gave up.

Kawan picked me up at airport then we went for lunch. It was a Sunday so most of the stalls were closed. Thankfully, I still tried a few famous dishes of Kuching. 
Kuey Chap that can only be found at Kuching, if not mistaken. The mee is like our peninsular's mihun kuey where the soup tastes like our kuey tiaw kia with the taste of herbs. 
Tomato fried kuey tiaw is really nice, the gravy is sweet because of tomato. You gotta try this if you visit this city. It's different from Penang's dried friedy kuey tiaw. This is rather special that you can find it nowhere.
I hardly see people put small red beans in ABC ais kacang, normally the red kidney beans. However, I prefer small red beans though. 
They call this bowl of ice as 'Matterhorn', how does it get its name? Beats me. haha It is very sweet, taste like those tin longan sugar water. The best things in this bowl of ice are those jelly and cendol!! So chewy ~
Give you a close up of the jelly. I was full and too tired of biting the jelly then I left a quarter in the bowl. Now I regretted, I want those jelly!!  
That's the picture taken in her room after I landed my feet at Borneo. Rest and get ready for the dinner later. The night is still young =D 

To be continued...

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