Monday, October 31, 2011

Magna Carta

Chocolate finally showed up after keeping him in my bag for so long. That's his first visit to Borneo too, must look see look see.

I must take picture with the cat's statue since I was there, my special request to my friend. It's at roadside so quite awkward to take picture there.However, in the end, I still took picture with it. oh yeah!! This is the biggest cat statue in town. 
The sun sets earlier at Borneo so I got hungry when the sky turned dark. We had dinner at a very nice restaurant where the building used to be old court house. The ambiance is pretty nice, suitable for couple. Couples at Kuching, go there for a date!! haha

The menu is written on the blackboard for you to see, lower price range than the a la carte given to you on the table. That a la carte belongs to Magenta restaurant but both restaurant are under the same boss.
There's where we sat with a cup of candle light. No air-con at the restaurant so it's not that cooling. 
 I love carrot juice. 
 Kelyn and her tea. 

 Spaghetti Carbonara and bacon
Hawaiian pizza..RM14 for a big pizza like this, can be divided into 8 pieces, worthy deal. Kelyn ate a piece and I ate the remaining pieces, I feel so proud. hohoho Luckily it is a thin crust pizza if not I were to waste food again. #sinful
 I have big big head. 

You may park your vehicles at the parking in front of Magenta if you gonna dine in either restaurant. 

Cross the road and you will reach waterfront to enjoy the night scenery of Sarawak river. It's pretty dark down there and not many people. I held my hang bag tightly till I left the place.
This is Astana, the palace of Sarawak.

This is the view of old court house from the other side. The building is nice, with British style.
This is the cat family. 
We ended the day with a lousy movie. = . =

Magna Carta
The old courthouse
Main bazaar, Kuching, Sarawak 
Contact no.: 6012-8773500

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