Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ngong Ping Cable Car

We went back to the same restaurant for our breakfast. Hmmm a bit disappointed with the dim sum, not that nice like previous two restaurants. We actually were quite frightened of having dim sum after eating it for 3 days continuously.
We followed the Hong Kong's style, keep to the right instead of left. Brother did not use the travelator so he's the photographer. 
Finally we had reached the destination after travelling on the train for almost an hour. 
Let's go to Ngong Ping cable car!! We spent another hour queuing up to buy the cable car tickets and another 30 minutes to get on the cable car. People mountain people sea, you know ?! 
Hugging papa is always nice. He and his big stomach. XD

He waved to us. They didn't take the cable car but walked there. It takes 20 minutes to reach the place by travelling on a cable car. 
I can't imagine if I really go bald and I would look this scary. It is better to have my long messy hair stick on my head. 
We had our lunch at the first restaurant after coming out from the station. I always love western food. Cheese!
 Iced lemon tea really quenched my thirst on the hot sunny day
The food are really nice. I'm lovin' it ! 
6 different styles of cable car from 6 countries. Spain's cable car (bottom first left) looks like Ultraman, isn't it?

The stairs took my breath away. I have no idea how many steps are there but for a person that hardly exercise, is not easy.  
We did it. See my sis' victory pose. There's nothing much at the peak. You may pay respect to Anita Mui at there if you are her fans.

I didn't eat this dou hua but I die die wanna take photo with thumb up =D So, do look for this shop to rest your feet after walking down. 

So nice to have a brother along to carry the Blackstone for me. Thanks bro!
Look at the queue! Everyone gotta leave at 530pm and that's the queue for normal cable car and luckily we chose crystal cable car for the return ride. 
We weren't at any theme park!! I am still keeping that wristband though.

Squatting down and looked down were scary. There's a stream in the jungle. It's nice.

The foot size difference between my bro and me. I was a bit shock actually. By the way, did you see the stairs in the picture? 
That's is Hong Kong International Airport. Spot planes of FeDex!
The sunset is so beautiful. Little egg yolk is so red =D
I had this samgyetang at City Gate's mall's food republic. My advice is do not buy from this stall, it doesn't taste nice. Do not miss out this mall because it is full with many branded's outlets like Burberry, Coach, Guess and others. But of course, you don't expect the price to be real low too. 
I like the mirror in the bathroom. You don't have to worry how does your hair look like at your back, the mirror is really helpful. I give you 5 stars for the bathroom. LOL
Imagined myself situated at one of the western countries celebrating the Christmas. This picture would be perfect if there're snowflakes flying. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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