Friday, October 21, 2011

The Peak, Hong Kong

Can't think of what to eat so we went to the Toast Box for typical Malaysian and Singaporean breakfast. I was so happy to see familiar looking bread at BreadTalk and familiar dishes on the menu. 

Half-boiled eggs with a little soy sauce and pepper make the best breakfast in the world. lol
A bowl of laksa lightens your mood in the morning but not to your wallet. The price range here in Hong Kong is higher than M'sia and S'pore Toast box.

After breakfast, let's move on to Mong Kok - Women's street again, this time with papa and mama along. No purchase is made except FOOD.
Hui Lau Shan is famous for its mango dessert. You would see it in everywhere of HK.

The night activity was visiting the peak and putting the whole Hong Kong night scene into our eyes. The scenery is really nice and you would fall in love with it. We didn't get to watch the musical lighting performance or something.
Say hihi to the waxed Mr. Lee =D  
Waiting for the tram to go up to the peak. The railway is really steep but gravity pulls you back when you go up and come down.  
Say hi to another Mr. Lee. ''water'' 
We reached the peak and this scenery is mine. I played with the binocular but I don't really know which building did I peek at. haha 

I love the peak. 
 The tram looks like this. 

He said those lecturers/teachers in that tuition center are his idols. 
He even asked me to be a tuition teacher next time so I can have my own poster.
[ bow zhap wan ngo dei, dai hok yu mai nei ]
 Eating my breakfast at hotel 
I don't wish to go back =( 
 4 of us bought the t-shirt from Giordano. 
We said must wear it before Malaysia and Singapore's Giordano sell it. haha
My bro's height is just nice, good. haha Btw, do visit Aji Ichiban =D
 It's time to sell back our octopus mtr card and get back the remaining credit. 
Let's move on to Hong Kong international airport. It's another food paradise and also shopping paradise after you check into the waiting hall. 
 We spent an hour in this Disney merchandise store at the airport. This Duffy looks so cute.
I WANT ONE !! =.=
 This Minnie mouse looks cute too.
I don't look nice with the hat so I don't want one. haha

I didn't eat much for breakfast so I followed papa to the SQ waiting lounge for business class, first class and Krisflyer gold card holders. The lounge looks so posh, equipped with so many iMac and free internet. Another side the lighting is dim for you to rest and drink, everything is provided. The last part is the place for you to dine in buffet style. Basically I took fried dumpling, siew mai, sandwich, tomato juice. I even ordered a bowl of Hong Kong style wanton mee soup. Lastly, my dessert is Haagen Dazs cookies and cream ice-cream. Everything is free!! That's my first time entering into the lounge so I sound like a bumpkin. Finish eating and it's time for boarding. 
Look at my expression! We waited in the stuffy cabin for almost 2 hours then only they finally announced the plane is not suitable for flying. They shouldn't have let the passengers to board the plane in the first place. To entertain us while waiting, they distributed hot towel, headphone, menu and beverages. There's Bridesmaids in the movie list but I didn't get to watch it. =(

Coming out from the plane and we were like those war refugees don't know what to do. The airport crews didn't really care about us unless you confront them in fierce tone. Singapore Airlines issued a notice saying that any costs on meals and accommodation will be on its bill. However, I have no idea about the progress of this issue. In the end, we flew back in Hong Kong airlines. It's not the big plane like SQ and no entertainment on board. The meal is not nice too. How I wish I could fly back with SQ.  

That's the end of my Macau-HK trip. It's an awesome family trip though the ending is a bit not happy.

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