Sunday, October 16, 2011

Roost Cafe

I have always wanted to dine at Roost Cafe and finally I went. The interior of this cafe is super old skool, pretty dim inside with a beam of yellow lighting.
That's my farewell present from my fellow colleagues. Those seniors seriously treated me very good, we are friends. Thank you for bringing me to the shop and let me choose the bag I prefer. At first I said, you had already treated me a meal, that's more than enough (because the bag is not cheap). But one of them said, money is not a problem, you don't have to worry. Not everyone who leaves the office gets a bag from the seniors, I am so proud. haha I had one farewell dinner with the seniors and one farewell luncheon with the whole office. THANK YOU!! (I hope it's not to late to show my gratitude) 
Chicken whole leg fried rice. The texture of the meat is a bit hard and not nice according to my friend's opinion. 
Black pepper chicken chop with baked beans and fries.  
Mushrooms and garlic pasta. Super oily, not nice!! 
Look at the cup, isn't it special? I don't believe pasta and cappuccino cannot be put into my stomach at the same time so I tried again this time and it's fine. 

The price is quite reasonable just that the food is not that nice. The waiter doesn't seem like understand our words, both English and Malay. Of course, we didn't try speaking in Mandarin since he's not a Chinese. That's my comment. You may visit it at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Bahru if you wish to try it out.

Mosquitoes might make a halo on top of your head. LOL

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