Sunday, October 02, 2011

Ruins of St. Paul

Tune in my favourite radio station and sipping the coffee, I shall blog about the last part of Macau trip.
That's my breakfast on that day, Portuguese egg tart. It is still tasty though bought it overnight. Thanks to jiejie to make me a cup of vitamin C drink for me in that morning. I fell sick in my last family and spread the germs to the rest of them. haha But not this time, it's summer and not winter.
See my big square face with the mouth then you should know I love that tart. Thanks to the sunlight made me looked fair here but flaws are obvious.
Jiejie brought us to this restaurant, Wong Chi Kei. It is famous so you gotta be early. We saw queue waiting for seats after we were done with our meals.
The background is dunno what mee, the left picture is soup wanton mee and right bottom is dry wanton mee.

Everyone knows Macau is famous for its pork rib burger (ju pa bao) so I ordered one. The one is served in Malaysia's char chan teng is like those burgers selling in fast food restaurants. Therefore, I actually expected something like that since I never ate the authentic pork rib burger before.
The first bite made me go =.= Why does it taste so weird? In the end I ate only half of it and gave it to my bro. I don't understand why it is famous. Maybe just simply doesn't suit my taste. I miss those dim sum...sobs 
SEE !! I can be sporty too. The last time I played volleyball was in PLKN camp. So, it was 4 years ago. 
I think my sis must have thought she was in Thai with that gesture. 
 We went into Koi Kei the hand gifts shop for the air-con. OK, that's only part of the reason. It's seriously hot and humid at outdoor.
Are you a fan of bak gua? There are 12 flavors of bak gua for you to choose. I have no idea which one did I try but it is spicy and hard.

Oh yeah...I have reached The Ruins of St. Paul...welcome to 大三巴牌坊...I actually like that '38'..LOL

Read it yourself to know better of this city. =)

SNOOOOOOPY !!! Oh my love, sorry for not bringing you home. =( I wanted to but I didn't. 
It's time for lunch or tea time. This shop is famous for its stew milk so the whole shop is full with patrons. You gotta wait and the seats are very near and limited space. If you occupy a seat without spending, you gotta pay macau dollar 8. Though it's still cheaper than order any food or drink but it's not good to do so right?
Look at the food price list, the prices are quite reasonable.
The iced stew milk with red beans. It is served in cold and hot, you may choose your preference. I don't like milk so I ate only few bites then passed it to others again.
I love this !!! I seriously do, very nice french toast.
The significant dish of Macau/Hongkong thus no way to miss it and back to Malaysia. Polo bun 
This pork chop burger looks better but I didn't try it due to the trauma from the breakfast's pork rib burger. It looks nice, isn't it?
Spot the signboard of the hotel that I stayed in Macau. It's located at a very strategic place. It's near to 7-eleven and McDonald's. 
Took a shuttle from the hotel and arrived the ferry quay. Kowlooooon kowloon =) 
YES...Chocolate follows me to everywhere, he is quite happy...MOP 173 per way from Macau to Kowloon, roughly RM80 per ticket. It's a almost 2 hours journey so I took a nap on the ferry. 
It was raining so when the wave was huge the passengers went WOOOOOOW..I opened my eyes to see what happened and continued my nap with the Korean songs in my ears. 
That's the bridge in Macau. Bye bye Macau, I shall see you again if there is any chance. =D

The end of Macau posts means I am gonna blog about Hong Kong very soon. Stay tuned !! We love shopping 

Rant : I downloaded Instaroid to view Instagram gallery and it is not so nice so I deleted. Booo ~

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