Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What's your number?

Ally Darling is looking for a partner to attend her sister's wedding with her after broken up with her 19th boyfriend. She promises that the 20th guy who she sleeps with will be her husband.  However, she doesn't like the 20th guy so she's gonna find back all her ex-boyfriends and see who could attend the wedding with her.

He is Colin, Ally's neighbour. He helps Ally to search for those ex-boyfriends. They work together and think of ways to get near to those guys one by one. Ally feels so comfortable and be herself when they are together. He is also the only who says she looks beautiful in the morning. hahaha I guess every girl likes that.
Happy ending!! The appearance of the male lead isn't that much, he appears once in a while. The female lead appears in every scene. I google about this movie and the comments for this movie are pretty bad, negative. Seriously this movie is like teaching you to sleep with as many guys as you want even if only one night stand. pffttt 
It is mentioned in the movie that decent guys do mind about the number of guys the girlfriends had slept with. Eh hello, decent women lagi mind, OK!? Who wants a playboy that flirts and sweet talk with every girl. =.=  

Watch the trailer

Finish watching the trailer, watch Girls' Generation - The Boys

I want to be as slim as Yoona, can I? =.= When could I say bye bye to big head, big face, big belly, big butt and fat legs? I guess only plastic surgeon could solve my problems. That's sad.

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