Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Halloween 2011

This post entry is mainly about photos. Therefore, hope you enjoy the photos and the captions !!

Took a photo in my room before we went for the party.
Front camera allows me to have a lesser flaws face. iHeart
OverTime at Hatten Square, Melaka was the venue of our crazy night party. 
Last day of Oktoberfest so buy 1 free 1 was still available.
Some of us arrived late and those who went there early had bottomed up 1 barrel of Starker.
This beer is nice but I drank only this much throughout the whole night.
I stopped those guys to refill for me.
I put the cup on my lips and don't put it down, refused to let him pour. =.=
It's Halloween, the crew did some efforts in fitting into this festive.
The crew was standing right behind us secretly and luckily I didn't scream when I turned to the back.
Kyo and his kiddy vampire's cloak. 

Coincidentally met classmate there. It is so easy to bump into someone you know at there.
We were just next to the stage, the one table can't stop cheering and lifting the cups.
Interaction with the singers and sang along were pretty fun. 


I only found out he was actually wearing blue and not green while making payment at the mamak.
I shouted, I thought you are wearing green?

How come I saw it green? O-M-G

Hey you look best in this photo
He answered, of course la my face is covered. LOL
This Q&A is so familiar, isn't it?

The 4 of them were full with energy, dancing and shaking here and there.
They were some sort our live show entertainment. =X
So I bet I look best in this photo too. 

Three tables were completely occupied by us !! 
This is the first time I get to take big head photos and combine it.
I never succeed as friends don't cooperate with me regardless when, where and who.
Next time must take more authentical big head doggy photos. =D
We still managed to party rock and have fun among ourselves even though we don't wear suitable clubbing attire or Halloween costumes. We moved on to mamak stall at BB after the party. Most of us still managed to talk crap on fb at 3am as though it was 3pm. 

I was so glad to have this crazy clubbing night with my classmates before we graduate and drift apart. 
APA NI !!!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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