Monday, November 07, 2011

In Time

Tomorrow is a luxury you can't afford ! Hey, I like this quote. What would you do if you have only 25 years to spend on the earth? You need to work to earn extra time to live on but living cost is increasing. Poor ones die faster whereby the rich men live for century enjoying their luxuries. Everyone stops aging on the age of 25 so you may look young forever.

It's a pretty fresh concept in presenting men's life time, good imagination. There's one old man in his 60x or 70s walking out of the cinema in the middle of the movie, he said something before he left. He said loudly, ''what the fuck is this?'' then he left furiously. Everyone was distracted by him. So, what actually makes him so angry? Maybe he finds the life time clock rather ridiculous.
He is the time keeper, a chief cop in the movie. I personally think that he is quite pitiful, haha. His time ran out before he could bring the criminals back. That's sad.
They are the leads, Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. She has longer hair style with different hair colour here. 
I actually prefer her hair style and outfit in the movie. She looks cool~!!  
By the way, she is so slim!! Her legs are slim and long, distraction. haha We were impressed by her ability to run in super high heels. It isn't easy to run wearing heels. How to be this slim?? 

It's really sad to see your loved ones to collapse right in front of your eyes when they have no more time left. Time is money so do spend it wisely. =D 
What would you do to extend your life time?? Who would you distribute the time to if you have a century of time? 

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