Friday, November 11, 2011

Kuching City Day Tour

My first night at Kuching was pretty cooling so I was fully charged for the second day. Let's get started with breakfast, the most important meal for a day.


Life Cafe has 3 shops at Kuching but only 1 branch at Peninsular Malaysia.
It's at Sutera, Skudai, Johor.
I like green tea but now I prefer red tea. =D

Mild spicy noodle, quite oily.
I can't eat something hot or spicy or both, my nose will automatic generate mucus like flu.
How to cure this? I am sick of it.
Aisey Kely why you touched my fatty waist? XD
I left my lens cap at the cafe after taking this picture.
Thanks to the waiter for rushing out to the car and gave it back to me. Seriously, I totally forgotten about it.
Wish you good luck, young man! 
How to call this? Atak street or something?
We went for prayers at this temple. 
Walked along the street and visited another temple before Carpenter street.
Souvenirs are all the same everywhere. 
The tee is priced at RM6.50, the highest price but not this shop.
I wanted to buy but I chose not to since the quality isn't good.

Flower rings

[ James Brooke Bistro & Cafe ]

Walked too much so we decided to find a place to rest.
James Brooke Bistro Cafe, sounds familiar?
Yaya, he is the James Brooke you saw in history text book.
Iced orange juice is refreshing on hot sunny day.
It's an open air cafe so only fans available even if you can't stand the heat.

Only us are the Malaysian patrons where others are Caucasians. 
I like the decoration items at the cafe. It has the aborigine's styles. 
Since don't know when I have a habit to buy a magnet for the fridge.
Kelyn and her dunno what juice. can't remember the name, haha.
No chance to ride a sampan to cross the river, at least take a picture with it.

The cat family, meow!!
Row row row your boat...

[ Chinese History Museum ]

It's a free entrance Chinese History Museum. All displayed items are donated by the Chinese.
There's bilingual video showing how the Chinese came here in those days.
It's located just beside James Brooke Bistro & Cafe at Waterfront, very easy to locate it.
We are not supposed to take pictures in the museum.  I hid my camera and took mobile out.
Chinese musical instruments play important role too.
That's our classroom in those days. It's blackboard with chalk and not whiteboard with marker.

Spot your surname =D
Sombong punya Chocolate
[ Top Spot Seafood ]
Oh yeah we had seafood for dinner on second day which I longing for. It's a must to have a seafood meal if you visit Kuching. Why? No idea. 
It may look like worm but it is bamboo clam.
Fried with curry powder makes it heavenly tasty.  Very nice.
Shells are removed so no worries. 
This is the famous local dish of Sarawak, fried midin ( jungle fern).
It's nice so you gotta try this. 
Deep fried creamy squid
Here comes black pepper crab, the big kick of the night.
I ate only the clamp, really troublesome.
They didn't really smash the shell for us and no clip is provided.
Deep fried shrimps. I tried what my ex-colleague taught me, eat the shrimp with its shell.
oh yeah, I tried eating one with shell and the rest I ate I removed the shells.

[ Malaysia-China Friendship Park ]
He is Cheng Ho. It's pretty dark so you can't see his face. 

That's the end of my second day of Kuching trip. Spend holiday there and you will think everything goes slowly, not rushing, very relaxing. A little regret of the day is couldn't get to eat the Korean ice-cream.

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