Monday, November 14, 2011

Love you you

BEACH~~ SUMMER !!! That's what came into my mind when I was watching this movie - Love You You. 
This movie is some sort like a continuation of previous Summer More More Tea taken at Pulau Redang. However, this time they changed the location to Lang Tengah, another beach nearby Redang Island. I have always wanted to visit either one, but no chance to do so. There are so many beautiful islands in Malaysia, let's go!! 

Basically, no sparks between Eddie and Angelababy in the movie not until the diary revelation part. The story line of the movie is pretty common, no climax. I speak Malaysian Mandarin but still couldn't help to smirk when I heard it in the movie. My bad. 

My friend can't get over the rapping part in the movie. Nasi Lemak and Satay!! Most likely only Malaysians and Singaporeans could understand the rap. However, it's actually promoting Malaysia's local cuisine. For the moment, our jokes in the gang are all food based. LOL The wedding hall above the sea is nice. 
I am not her fans but I wish to be as slim like her. It's good to be slim, even better if you eat a lot yet still remain the slim figure. It's a forever battle with the body fats. She is playing the role of Xia Mi who left only 30% hearing ability, almost deaf. Therefore, she puts on headphone most of the time so people won't talk to her. It reminds me of one Korean drama. 

Love you you - JJ Lin


 To be or not to be? I do or 不想 (don't wish to) do. ^^

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