Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mods cafe

This picture shows you the time me and my fellow coursemates spent together. We have lesser time to be together as days go by, so cherish it!! 
Mods cafe is a vintage old skool decorated cafe and every corner is well decorated with an item that gives bonus mark to the interior. It's really relaxing to sip the coffee and enjoy the home made cakes prepared by the boss. 
The equipment and ingredients are on the car. FYI, the car has road tax which means the boss could do mobile selling at wherever he stops, isn't that cool? 
Cappuccino with nice coffee art 
Tiramisu, the original look
very different from the one we used to know
Cheese cake with 3 little black berries that made a heart shape <3
I can't remember what is this 
Hazelnut caffe latte
Ice blended cookie oreo coffee
Creme brulee
the surface of the cream wasn't too burnt, not that nice like the one I had before

our very own English high tea 
This plushy is my friend's car's passenger
see those vinyl on the wall
I said: eh bring him down later (50:50 kind)
obviously, they brought him down =D
Those bicycles can still be rode!! 

I like the model of the car but it's expensive!!! =(

by the way, he is big head blue ^^
Relationship is not fun when you play in three. 
a picture at the front of the shop =D

Have a nice day! =D on the spoon, so lovely, isn't it? 
P/S: I carried the monkey walking at Jonker street and even to the side of Mr. Universe's stage. Imagine the contra of those muscular men and me hugging a plushy toy beside, haha! They asked me to pretend that's a gift from boyfriend @.@

Mods cafe is located at 
14, jalan tokong, 75200 melaka, malaysia. 
(it's on the same street with Cheng Hoon Temple - the oldest temple behind Jonker street)

You may also visit their Facebook page  or email them if you want to.

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Willis Wei Jie said...

The cafe seems nice to chill, yea? I will probably make a visit down there during my trip next year.