Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sarawak Cultural Village

The last part of my Kuching trip. It has been long overdue. I can't help it since the connection is poor at here plus too many posts in waiting list, I am kinda lazy. 

Quick! Let's start now. 
Yeah, we finally went to taste famous Sarawak laksa. This is beef laksa.  
I don't take beef so the only choice left was chicken laksa. The gravy is different from the Johor laksa, Penang  Asam laksa and baba laksa. It isn't spicy but slightly sweet.

We went to visit a free entrance museum that displays those old days machines, books and stuffs. Nothing much to see there and I don't know what's the building too. haha Before moving on to our destination, we had small bites at food court first.  
Kelyn said this is a must try food so I tried. Gong pia with minced meat inside..the buns were deep fried so very crunchy and nice. I reckon this as a very nice snack for high tea.
This is a mixed beverage which contains coconut juice + coconut flesh + sugarcane juice. I didn't drink it but it should be quite quenching.

We started our journey after the little break and arrived at our destination roughly an hour later. It was a bright sunny day and none of us brought umbrella with us. So sad. 
Ta-daa~~ Sarawak Cultural Village =D It's like so finally I came here, thanks kawan !!
A friend told me that the ticket for this music festival is getting more expensive year by year. Too bad I missed it.
There were 5 of us, number of tickets are correct so let's go in and explore meanwhile sunbathing. =.= I don't remember the entrance fee, should be RM15 if you have student card.

I actually quite fancy this kind of signboard, it looks pretty nice, isn't it? At least it doesn't look boring. 
It is a bamboo bridge. I think I rant from the beginning till ending. Somehow it is nice to experience it once.
Kelyn asked me to wear maxi dress on that day so we wore. It's not easy to climb all those stairs with long dress. There're few times I almost tripped myself.  

That's the window, quite brilliant. 
I was trying to squeeze some sugarcane juice. This machine looks awesome, so old skool.
Really salute the weaver can stay in this stuffy long house and continue to weave. aduh The air circulation isn't good.

I was kind of shy to take picture with him because he showed his thighs. LOL
Some of the houses are selling traditional cakes or snacks. The prices are reasonable.
This..err...something like fried sweet potato or something. Very sweet and very oily. 

They were my roommates for 3 days. Thanks for putting me up for those few days. Much appreciated. 
She was baking a kind of snacks made from sago. doesn't look so hygienic to me, seriously.
It's time for the cultural show, sit back and enjoy since outside was raining. There's a group of Korean ajooma and ajussi sitting behind us. How I wish I could communicate with them and asked them whether I could share a umbrella with one of them. That's after the show ended and we'd to leave.  
We looked so worn out. Not enough sleep =(

Kelyn was asked to go up the stage to have a try on the blowpipe. Nice experience tho. That's the end of Cultural Village.

We went to Sushi King bonanza for dinner. Hmmm....long queue as expected. The sushi are not fresh and very limited choices, disappointment.  

The one on the right is Kelyn's friend, my new friend as well. Do they look alike?? 

Finally, Sarawak Kolo Mee and a cup of coffee to end my day at Kuching. Kelyn sent me to airport after the breakfast. THANK YOU so much to Kelyn and the family~~ I can tell everyone I've been to Borneo, no longer a suagu.. XD

The first thing I got down from plane was looking for Famos Amos at Senai Airport. hahaha Mama ranted it's so expensive but I still bought it. =D 

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