Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Daniel's birthday

Celebrate friend's birthday is always a good excuse to dine together and have fun crazily for a reason. Again, we celebrated Daniel's birthday at a Nyonya cuisine restaurant. Coincidentally or purposely, I don't know. 
Throughout the whole dining session, we were the only patrons of the night. We acted as though we booked the venue to have the mini celebration over there, quite enjoyable.

Sambal lady fingers' - Not bad but it is slightly oily. 
Ayam pongteh - It doesn't taste like those pongteh I ate, just normal gravy taste without the pongteh taste. 

Otak-otak - I seriously refuse to take picture of this dish because of the bad presentation. I know it's only two pieces of otak-otak but at least put a piece of banana leave below for decoration or banana leave inspired plate perhaps? 
Oh yeah, this tofu is nice. Who dislikes to eat green pepper/capsicum like Shin Chan? Definitely not me 'cause I can even eat it raw. 
This fried squid fritters was the most popular dish for that night. Everyone treated it like a snack and enjoyed chewing it.
A nyonya cendol with typical homemade cendol presentation, don't you agree with me?? RM2.50 for a small and not so nice cendol, not worth it. That's what my friend told me because I didn't eat this. 
We custom made the cupcakes to substitute those traditional round birthday cake. Nerdy smurf, beer and iPhone, 3 things that match him best. Don't get me wrong, for the Nerdy Smurf only the black frame glasses is accurate. XD 
Nerdy Smurf looks tipsy, doesn't he?
My piece of advice, please don't drink alcoholic drinks so often. Definitely could not use it to replace drinking water. Seriously, drink too much of alcoholic drink is not good for your body. You may drink it like once in a while occasionally but not always.

I look like a pregnant woman in that 'LAND' picture so I pressed my top down in 'LANE'. So the letters in DANIEL can actually be separated and make into more words. Forms words from word is one of the childhood games that I miss.  

Our night did not end just like this. Followed by another round at a retro kind of coffee house at Melakaraya. True or dare ?! The questions they asked me and the way they asked me were like very keen to introduce any guys to me. I gave a few requirements since they asked for. I don't care if you are joking or seriously, please introduce only quality guys. 

For the dare's part, was the first time seeing guys kissing right in front of me. OK, just lips with lips are pretty disgusting. The punishment was considered as minor since they have bromance. #ewwwww
No photos to show, firstly, the lighting was too dark and secondly, my stomach was not feeling well that night so I got no mood to take picture. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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