Friday, December 16, 2011

In Time With You

Do you have a best friend who is the opposite gender of yours? Will he/she be the first person you would want to share your joy and sadness to? Do you love him/her? 

Oh great, this Taiwanese drama - In Time With You is really nice, so different from the rest. The story line is very fresh yet logical and happening. It's about a boy and a girl who were high school classmates. Initially, they were like enemies since the girl was class monitor and the boy was the assistant monitor. They had a lot of voting in the class. Somehow the boy secretly loves the girl without her knowledge. 
He went to the same university with her and same course as well. Secretly getting close to her and eventually they became each other best friend. Always and always he did his best to protect the girl and be there for her. The girl actually love the boy but she thought the boy does not because he once said, ''I might not love you''. 

His every girlfriend broke up with him because they can't tolerate his best friend. They see each other's partner like a thorn in the eye. haha 
My first flying experience gave it to China Airlines and flew from Changi Airport too. I remember the flight attendants are quite pretty and friendly. I guess only this airline would make announcement in Taiwanese (or Hokkien we said). The movie on board was Pink Panther and my friend was laughing so hard.  
So do you think man and woman can be just friends? Majority of the women would answer yes but men would answer no. There must be something if a guy treats a girl especially good, isn't it? My answer is yes too!! A gentleman is someone who will treat everyone good. For example, a guy would hold a door for girls not only for the girl he likes, am I right? It's impossible he sees female friend coming then he bangs the door right on her face. Somehow I must declare that such guys do exist on earth. hahahaha Sad case. 
I like her pyjamas, so fashionable!! =) 

The soundtrack of this drama is nice too, blend well with the drama. Listen to them and you will agree with me. 

The male lead's theme song...listen to the lyrics and you will know =D

This drama has a happy ending!! Look around and see whether you have such friend or you and your friend share this kind of relationship. So, wish you find your true love too :) Good luck in your confession! 

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