Monday, December 26, 2011

Mission Impossible 4 : Ghost Protocol

Deng...deng...deng...deng~~ All I know about mission impossible is its theme song. I can't remember did I watch the previous 3 parts of mission impossible, cannot recall any memory for that. I don't know any cast of the movie and I just walked into the cinema and sat down to watch. 
TOM CRUISE !!! He is still so handsome even though he has aged but mature men are more charming, right?

This car is like so cool !!! Heroes or agents' cars always so extraordinary.
Climbing this tower at Dubai made me so nervous and I wow when he jumped into the room again. Action movie is not suitable for those with heart's problems.
The gloves thing is very creative but they might have to work on the battery life again. The battery exhausted like so fast. XD
Sand storm !!  

 contract killer. No idea who she is but she has style! 

This movie is nice, some parts are amusing and some parts are really thrilling. I actually like how they pretend to be the traders to negotiate the terms and conditions with the contract killer.

Watching Korean variety show - Running Man doing its show in Hong Kong now. I feel like going to Hong Kong again after watching the nice HK night scenery in the video. ME WANT !!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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