Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 2011

A new year is coming so it's time to close blog entries for year 2011. Let's see what have I done for the year, shall list out a few significant events. I myself couldn't remember much so I looked back my blog archive from January to December. Gonna show pictures of the year which I think are nice. It's only a year but I got so shock by looking at my hair style in those photos. HAHAHA 

Universal Studio Singapore - see here 

Finally paid a visit to Kukup and spent 2 days 1 night over there
I am so glad they treated me as their friend even though that's our first meeting
Macau - see here / here 
Hong Kong - see here / here
I have the typical tourist look at here - hanging camera, shades
Kuching - see here / here / here / here
My first flying experience alone was exciting. 

I started my internship which also my first job in life. First working experience as an office lady.
6 months passed and again back to my campus life.

Got influenced by my colleagues and we were so enthusiastic in baking cup cakes after office hours. Only these two flavors that I baked are acceptable. Still have long way to go! I am so keen in learning baking =D 
As a big fan of Jay Chou, I went to a Jay's themed cafe - Jacky's Dessert. The wall is full with Jay's posters. 

That's how I look like in Hanfu

Mods Cafe at Jalan Tokong, Melaka
I went to see Alien Huang at Bugis Square. Thanks to my friend for giving me the chance to go forward to let him sign the poster and shake hand with him. OK, he is friendly and handsome!! His hand is big, thick and warm. The most important is he really gave a firm hand shake *scream silently* 
Listening to Ask Yang singing live is an enjoyment. He has a nice voice. In addition, he has very fit body figure. heehee
We escaped to S'pore as a little celebration on our birthday's eve while others at KL were busying with the yellow Bersih 2.0 
Secondary school mates gathering at Kota Iskandar
They are now pronounced as husband and wife
 They are forever so cute and I enjoy chatting with them. :)
 It's like so finally I tried Koi bubble tea. I like the pearl, seriously.
Dim Sum buffet at Yum Cha restaurant, Chinatown, Singapore
Can't get over the taste of the nice soup!! I had 2 bowls of the soup. 
Celebrating our funky Halloween at Overtime with Starker beer for each. Cheers~!!! 
The most crazy thing I did was to apply leave during internship and went up to KL to see 2AM. I was sitting right in front of them and couldn't believe they were singing live right in front of my eyes. Jinwoon, Jokwon, Seulong and Changmin!!!
The best and happiest event for year 2011 is to have her joining as my family member. She brings so much joy to us :) I love how she concentrates on my hand when I move my fingers like a star while singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for her. I love how she sticks so closely to me when I carry her. I LOVE HER SMILE =) Seriously, her smile and laugh could melt my heart. She is so cute and I love her ^^ Please grow up healthily.

How's your 2011? I hope it was fine and let's look forward a better year ahead. 
Happy New Year 2012 =)

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