Friday, December 02, 2011

You are the apple of my eye

5 years ago, I bought this Chinese novel after recommended by a friend. Sadly, the book is now the asset of my sister's friend, however an asset written off for me. It is a Chinese novel directed movie, based on the real story of the author, Giddens who is also the director of this movie. This movie is about the story of their high school and a girl they like. A cute, fair, pretty, smart and hard working girl, always the most popular figure in the class or even in the school. 
This is the scene where he passed his text book to the girl, shen jia yi and got punished by the teacher on her behalf. So, is this a type of caring?
That's the benefit for being taller than a girl, at least you win in this situation.
Sending off the girl to another district/state to further studies in university at the train station. He gave her self-drawn t-shirt as farewell present. Oh lovely~

Me: Why guys like girls in pony tail?
Friend: Why girls like guys with abs?
Me: ... (speechless)

After watching for second time...*in the car* listening to friends' conversation
Friends: Girls in pony tail really look nice....but does not apply on all girls

What's so special with pony tail?? hahahaha You can just pull the hair with one grab in the fight, is that true?
I like this picture, very nice =D Female and male can be good/best friend too!! 
They have feelings for each other but due to the childishness of the guy, they didn't get together. She is married in year 2005 and now Giddens has girlfriend too. You see that guy, he has no 6 pax but still handsome!!! 
Liking someone doesn't mean have to be together and you would wish him/her happiness too, am I right? Somehow I think it's better to tell that person you like him/her and see what answer will you get. You wouldn't know the exact answer not until you ask right in the face. If you get rejected, you know you have tried, isn't that so? Don't let yourself regret~~

So good luck to you!! 

I watched this movie twice in the cinema and I still laughed!! During my middle school, male is an alien in my school 'cause I was studying in a girls' school. I only experienced something similar in my elementary school. However, my high school's times were still great and awesome!! 


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