Saturday, January 07, 2012

2012 begun

Waiting outside the lift and it is always full when the lift door opened #hopeless. There's too many people checking out the hotel room at the same time so the lift is full all the time, what's more we were staying at the highest floor. I was forced to take the stairs from 28th floor to 21st floor, finally squeezed into the lift then went up to 26th again before I actually reached ground floor. A roughly 1 minute's trip took me more than 30 minutes, that's crappy. 
See our happy faces!! We can't wait for the shopping spree down town. #successkid
Since the road go down town has some distance, why not grab the chance to do something silly in the car!! 

Filled up our stomachs at Sweet Chat before we started the purchasing war. We spent approximately 7 hours in the same shopping mall, from day to night. My legs were not mine on that night, so sore. I ate a lot during the late dinner since steamed fish's served. :) Had a small chat with my dear old friends on that night. 

Next morning, we had our breakfast at Ficelle Boulangerie Patisserie. I was really so happy to see so many nice breads right in front of me. I love pastry!

You may ask them to heat up the breads for you if you prefer to eat it hot :)

It's not easy for the three of us to meet up and have meal like we used to do it during those days. FYI, we have a theme song in karaoke room, hahaha. 

I enjoyed the short getaway with them and I want more in the future! Travel within country can be fun too.  I did shopping and bought few pieces of apparel which I am really satisfied with. However, my wardrobe is forever lack of one piece garment so imma continue searching for it and own it. haha

Have a nice day! xoxo

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Camy said...

yea! having trip with friends is super awesomeee!

FiSh said...

ficelle is a nice place to hang out :) i love that area too!

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Evelyn`Wann said...

Exactly...having trip with friends is really so enjoying!!

I like Ficelle especially the bread. haha