Monday, January 16, 2012

Already famous

''Since young, I've loved watching Singapore productions." - quoted from the movie. This applies on me, I knew all the showtime on Channel 8 and always waited in front of the TV before my series started. I love to watch movie from Channel 5 and cartoons from kids central. Later on, Channel U established which actually benefits drama fans like me. I enjoyed watching the movie because of all those familiar faces which I saw them on TV.  
Michelle Chong acted as Ah Jiao or Zann in the movie, a girl from Yong Peng whose dream is to become a celebrity in Singapore's showbiz. There's one thing I must clarify, not all Malaysian speak terrible Mandarin like how she presented in the movie. We are influenced by the multiple dialects around us, therefore our Mandarin or accent might be a bit different.  
Alien Huang!! He is the male lead of this movie who didn't really appear that much, Orz. He doesn't look trendy in this movie with that outfit but still look handsome and cute. He acted as Ah Seng, a worker at kopitiam but he claimed himself as Christopher. 
I miss out the chance to see them while they were promoting this movie in JayBee. My bro actually went and didn't take the ang pow with their pictures print on it!! I WANT!! 
Kumar cameo in this movie too, very amusing. That two fella in white (dunno their names) are acting so gay in the movie, ewww. We had the urge to crawl into the big screen to punch the two of them. LOL
Ah Jiao went through many steps or obstacles and she did it!! She remains as a TV promoter in the end. 
OK this movie is basically to realise Michelle's dream to act in a movie and also direct it. Errrmmm...applause!! I just simply couldn't stop laughing in the cinema, it's nice :)


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