Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy CNY 2012


Finally Lunar Chinese new year is here and I could wear all my new purchase :) I like any apparels with stripes and this year especially bought checkered tops, I like. Somehow it lacks of my lucky colour for this year. Colorful wardrobe is my love. 
Sit down and eat a lot of cookies without feeling sinful. Mama baked this blackcurrant cookies with coconut shred! Remember to drink a lot of water after eating all these heaty food. 
Lou Sang seems to be a must for CNY!! Get ready with your chopsticks and pull those food in the plate as high as possible meanwhile speaking some good words. It's normal to see your table ends up in a mess, quite wasting. Don't forget to shout HUAT ahhh...

Oh yeah, thanks jiejie for buying this one big box of Snoopy goodies bag for me. I am not a kid but still happy to receive it like a kid. ^^ 
Lastly, I am here to wish you Happy New Year to you and your family. Wish you good health and prosperity in this water dragon year! HUAT ahhhhhh =D I wish this could be a better year!! 

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