Saturday, January 14, 2012

Korean cuisine

I actually wanted to bring my friends to one restaurant with theme at Sunway Pyramid but failed to locate it. Somehow we think the cafe/restaurant has ceased its business so changed our makan place to Korean cuisine stall at Asian Avenue.
Korean stone bowl mixed rice or call in Bibimbap in Korean. You need to stir everything together before you eat.
This is just a random shot on the side dish - kimchi. Order a set meal then you will be given kimchi and Korean egg soup as side dishes. 
This is the kimchi soup that came along with bibimcap in a set. Nice kimchi soup :)
Korean spicy rice cake or ddeokboggi is one of the famous Korean street food that you can find in Korea. I LOVE IT!! By judging only its name you should know it's spicy and I am not kidding. Some of my friends don't really like the chewy rice cake but of course some couldn't stand the spiciness. You should really try it if you never had it before.
Korean kimbap is similar to the common Japanese sushi roll that we used to see in Japanese cuisine restaurant but just that this one is in a slightly bigger size. 

You would have free flow of Korean tea after paying for first cup of the tea. It's only RM2 if I did not remember it wrongly. So, no worries of the spiciness, just eat and perspire like a boss! The environment of the stall is quite nice and well decorated with posters. They do play Kpop at the stall to make you feel like in Korea, isn't that awesome? You may order food from the opposite stall - Shihlin if you are ordering something from them. At least we did and they didn't tell us off so I think should be alright. 

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