Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Year's eve

I'd watched this movie a couple weeks ago in the cinema. This movie is nice though I can't remember the story of the movie but It's nice. Hmmm watching the movie without knowing any of the celebrities starring in the movie. LOL

OK, I spent the last day of year 2011 with my girls at Genting. That's our first meal - sweet potato. Sitting at outdoor and eating the hot sweet potato were great!! The forgetful me forgotten to bring jacket or cardigan to Genting, that's bravo!! 
Luckily I have brought extra pieces of clothes and thanks friend for borrowing me her shawl =) Somehow the weather kept changing, with or without breeze, does matter. I ate a lot for dinner due to the cold weather, OK lah, I know that's a lame excuse cannot be applied on me. hahaha

The crowd at outdoor theme park for countdown fireworks was comparable to any concert. However, the management disappointed the crowd on the very first second of year 2012. We were told that the fireworks presentation was postponed to the next day's 8pm.

Anyway, Happy New Year to you and your family!! Wish you good health and good luck :) Cheers~~

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