Friday, January 20, 2012

Potluck is fun!

I ain't living at the seaside. I don't have the time to enjoy the breeze, the sunlight and walk on the beach with bare feet. Another reason is I am #foreveralone =.= 
Finally, friend invited me to the pot luck picnic at Klebang beach, Melaka. To have friend to invite you to outing is always so much warmer than friends that forget you and leave you out, isn't it? #heartwarmed

Let's have a gathering before CNY!! Each of us has to prepare some food or beverages for the pot luck. My friend and I prepared egg mayo sandwich and egg toasts. I know both of them are pretty common dish but my favourite. We actually worried  that they won't like it, somehow we were wrong.    
If only you could spot the Gardenia bread plastic wrapper, it contains the egg mayo sandwich. Too bad, couldn't show you here. We have fried nuggets, sausages, curry puffs, siew pao and of course, not forgetting longan jelly and watermelon as mouth-washer. =) One of them brought red wine, that's cool. 
Close up look of the egg toasts. It's better to eat it while it's hot :) Opened the container and they said, wow long time didn't eat this!! I must repeat, I seriously afraid that they won't like it and I need to bring the toasts back. #relief

I have literally stole some photos from Ivy's album at Facebook. XD Hope she doesn't mind it.

It's makan time!!! Let's filled the stomach before the photography session. 

We wishing you a happy and blessed Lunar Chinese New Year in advance :) Gong xi gong xi ^^
I know food  is tempting and delicious but gotta control =( Me and my Malaysian pork legs  

 Y U NO guy...#memeface

I did not take much photos with Blackstone 'cause wasn't really in the mood for photography. We have total 5 DSLR cameras on that day and I was the only inactive user. haha  

We moved on to another venue, Casa de cafe. 

very cozy and relaxing environment  except the poor quality of background music
white fungus, longan and aloe vera
We had a little belated surprise celebration for the birthday boy. He felt so awkward to be in front of the lens instead of holding the camera. That's the common problem of photographers. #awkwardmoment
Happy Birthday, once again. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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