Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Viral Factor

I waited for this movie for quite sometime ever since I knew the movie took scenes mainly at Kuala Lumpur. Before watching it, I'd read blog and saw pictures of the shooting scenes. You should know why I waited for this movie, hehe. However, this is the first time I am stepping into the cinema to watch his movie. 
Don't drink water before a movie else you gonna miss the beginning of the movie just like I did. @.@ The first scene I saw was Jay lying on the bed after the operation. I didn't get to watch how he was shot. Look at the picture, Proton Saga and the typical school bus of Malaysia in the movie. Somehow I think the scene at Pavilion wasn't thrilling but the scene driving and diving down from first floor, yes.  

Forever I am so lucky to have kids or striker sitting behind me in the cinema. You know one soccer match wouldn't have so many goal therefore they won't kick so many times too. BUT...One drumming kick is enough to drive me crazy to turn and stare but that fella didn't get my message. Aduh! Maybe I should get a last row's seat next time. 
Watching Jay and Nicholas in the movie but I can heard some Bahasa Malaysia in the movie, kinda amused me. Normally the movies we watch either speak in Mandarin or English or dialect like Cantonese or Hokkien. For some other movies we might heard some other languages which we don't understand and hardly BM can be heard in foreign movie. I can't help to laugh when each and every time the local spoke BM in the movie regardless what character.  

I don't understand his hair style in this movie. The hair style with curly fringe and funny tail. I have to admit he is good in acting and he is handsome too. XD 
I don't care, I am gonna say HE IS HANDSOME AND STYLO. Hmm...He has tan skin, rounder face and body, mustache as usual which I don't really agree to. Does he need such long sideburns??
 I don't know who is she but quite pretty. She acted as a doctor in this movie.
Protagonists normally don't die easily or won't die in a movie but a calefare or  a security guard will be lying dead after a shot. After all, this is just a movie. haha
If you watched last year's 988's production movie, Great Day, for sure you know this little cute girl. 
She acted as Nicholas Tse's daughter, Man Cheung Seng. 

They were sitting in the chopper, discussing about the scene. Read through the article I only knew that the choppers were flew by the police. Full article click here.  
The family in the movie!!  
A little joke that I found on the net. 
Nicholas: The underwear was always full with mud after the scenes.
Jay: It's better not to wear.   

Stylo papa !!
The misai looks nice on him, don't know why. haha  


The making of the movie

Hope that you can learn more about Kuala Lumpur's beauty after watching The Viral Factor. Please watch this in the cinema!! =)

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