Saturday, January 28, 2012

We eat

This is gonna be a post combining two outings with my fellow course-mates!! We need a little chilling after the mid term tests and assignments, therefore decided to give ourselves a nice treat.

I actually don't know how to categorize this restaurant, haha. It has Japanese cuisine as well as Western food too. The price range is friendly and reasonable.

Next time I should try spreading some black sesame on top of my rice at home too. My friend told me that Japanese eat the rice with spreading some seasoning kind of thing into the bowl and pour in hot water. He said it is very nice and won't be like porridge. It suits me best since everything is instant yet yummy. Listened to his Japan Homestay's stories made me feel like visiting Japan one day. 

Carrot apple juice is fabulously yummy~ :)

The second part is a little reunion dinner for us for Lunar New Year and also a mini celebration after our presentation. 
Lou Sang is a must!!! We actually just enjoyed playing with the food, lou as high as possible. In the end, I forgot to shout HUAT ahhh =.=  There were only 4 tables of patrons including us. The other 3 tables turned and went quiet when we lifted our glasses and shouted YUM SENG!! A bit shy and embarrass. 
Deep fried sweet and sour pork with ice on top of it, very fresh to me. I only tasted a piece of it, hmmm nothing special. 

Gong xi gong xi!! :)

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