Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D

Hi 29th Feb, you are here again after 4 years =)

Groupon was offering a deal for Beauty and the Beast 3D movie at the nearest cinema to my house. I was so happy and I bought it. RM29 for a pair of 3D movie tickets + a small popcorn + a regular cup of carbonated drink, isn't it a very worth deal? Okay, it's just the same old cartoon that we watched on the small TV screen last time. I don't remember the story and I think it's okay to be fascinated by Disney movie once again. 

It's only showing in selected cinemas for 2 weeks specially in this special February for Valentine's. For those who missed it, sorry, you gotta watch it at home.
One of the reasons that I love Disney movies is the musical part. I just love their singing in the movie. It makes the movie so lively and lovely. Another reason would be the happy ending. I was surrounded by kids and parents in the cinema. But thank god, this time round there's no any striker sitting behind me. 
Just to recap, the movie is about the prince being spelled by an old woman and turned into a beast. She gave him a stalk of rose. He has to learn how to love and makes a girl returns his love too to break the spell before one last petal of rose falls. Those little characters in the castle are so cute. They are the servants but were turned into objects due to the spell cast. 
Every fairy tale needs a bad guy like Gaston in Beauty and the Beast to prove the true love between the main characters. Scientists like Belle's father, Maurice would mostly be treated as lunatic. It seems to be a must, don't you think so too?! 

So every guy can be tamed by one and only special girl. If you have a friend with bad temper, please find a girlfriend for him otherwise you gotta endure when he throws tantrum. @.@ Please control your temper even if you can't find her yet. 

I wanna visit the Disneyland and enter into the magical world once again =) Fairy tale is forever so nice. I am a grown up now, so what?! I still love cartoons ^^

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