Tuesday, February 07, 2012

CNY 2012

It is a must to visit the temple on the first day of Lunar New Year. The temple is complete renovated so it looks so new and nice compared to those years.  
This year is a bit different, the amount of fire crackers is shocking plenty!! I was still walking around to take photos before they burnt all those fire crackers.

 Cousin and cousin-in-law
Everyone was responsible for each fire cracker. I don't even have the guts to light the thing. Seriously, when all of them were burning together I was like in a war scene with the highest polluted level of haze around me. There's nowhere for us to hide, not even inside the temple. I tried to cough as hard as possible and as much as possible too. @.@  
I have trauma on this thing after that even if burning only one row at a time. The best moment was everyone shouting HUAT AHHH after the last bombing sound. 
I think this fruit they called it as 'Buddha's hand' if not mistaken. Most probably it looks like the Buddha's hand?  

Me and my sweetheart :) 

She prefers her mum a lot than me. haha Maybe not so comfortable leaning on me.

CNY Day 2 in relative's house where most of maternal side's relatives attended. The two babies were the limelight of the day. Photos are still with my cousin :(
Okay, we dressed up as though attending a person's wedding dinner but it was a reunion dinner with my secondary schoolmates. I was too happy to sleep after the gathering, I told them and they laughed =.= I didn't get to see everyone that often. 

Shall update the girls' reunion in another entry. Till then. x.o.x.o 

P/S : Tomorrow's my sis' birthday, happy birthday to her and wish me good luck in exams too :)

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