Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Reunion dinner with girls

Happy Valentine's Day to those who are celebrating it. Single ladies and guys, cheers, you can celebrate it too in your own interesting way. Me gonna celebrate it with figures and calculator.

Okay back to topic. I did house visiting only on the 6th day of Lunar New Year. Before that, I either visit relatives' house, babysitting my sweetheart or a little reading for my final exams. 

So, I seriously looking forward to hang out with friends on CNY. I put on my red dress and waited for them. We had small bites as lunch before we started the visit to houses.

We took a group photo at each house but missed out two houses. Forever I was eating at each house, non-stop. The more friends' mum asked to eat, the more I ate. @.@
They laughed at these 2 pictures. Okay, I look like a giant on the left so I bent down in the picture on the right in order to accommodate my friend. Next time better don't take full length picture, either half body or sit down. haha 

 I wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai =))

Knew her since primary 2, no kidding
Friend's bro came down while we were taking the previous photo and said he wanna join in too. So, ta-daa this is the photo. 

Now move on to the reunion dinner.
Lou Sang is a must since there were so many of us on that night. Total 16. 

Although we were not studying in the same class in Form 4 & 5, we still rock together till now. One of us said we were like attending wedding dinner, couldn't stop taking photos with everyone. Indeed, we just can't help it even that's just a super normal restaurant. 

We don't wanna end the night just like that since we hardly meet up with each other. Monsta cafe, here we go!!
I had fell in love in combining everyone's individual photos. 
Have been doing for many outing with friends. haha
 There's a friend asked me to use this picture for blind matching's profile. 
Why do I actually need that? =.=
We especially love this vintage wallpaper as background at the cafe. 
Flowery backdrop :)
It was an awesome gathering with my girls and I am wishing for more of this. Now, I don't have to bring Blackstone and I could use handbag. hahaha  

P/S: All I want for Valentine's is to wish me good luck in exams  :) x.o.x.o

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