Monday, February 20, 2012

The wedding diary

Phew~ I could rest properly and no more munching on the lecture notes for the moment. Put the worries behind and enjoy my short holidays first.
There're many people talking about this on facebook saying that this movie is nice. I have been dying to watch a movie so we went. It's about the problems face by a couple before, during and after their wedding. Of course, the movie did show a little part on how the couple got to know each other. Aniu is acted as an engineer who has passion in photography. 
Wedding is a matter of two families not only he and she. You gotta invite whoever you wanna inform about your wedding to the luncheon or dinner. Besides that, it's better to have it within your budget. Somehow I think if don't have certain amount of money please don't get married. @@  Everything is money. 

She is Elanne Kwong, a Hong Kong TVB actress. I was surprised by her mandarin, rather accurate without the Cantonese accent mix in it. She is pretty. I noticed her in E.U. 2, a HK drama which she acted as a triad leader's daughter. 
I can't stop laughing in the cinema because this movie is so localized (Malaysia-Singapore). As usual, movie must include certain touching stories - family's love to melt your heart. The ending where each of them holding a candle is rather cute. 

The seat numbers of the day is rather matching with the movie, 1314. I really enjoyed watching this movie. Thumbs up! Feel like visiting Penang again after this movie =.= 

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