Thursday, February 23, 2012

Y U Bo Jio

People like to use the phrase 'bo jio' lately. It's actually Hokkien which literally mean why you never invite me to go. Well, it is short and precise compared to English which actually carry the same meaning/message. It is nice to use but would somehow land you and your friends in awkward moment at some circumstances. 

I know this is the meme's Y U NO guy but he actually fits well with Bo Jio too. Don't you think so?? 
Let me show a few scenarios here and see whether it's true or not. 

You upload a picture or check-in the place you are currently at, what actually do you expect your friend to respond on it? There would definitely be one out of your friends leaving a comment saying, ''bo jio T_T ''. Whenever you see a friend leaving such comment, you know it's time to change topic, swear or whatever you could do. Let me give you an example on the swearing part. 

A: wow so bo jio T.T
B: you come now la...I jio you now or I treat you if you come now. 

There can be few possibilities. Both of you are at least 100km apart so it's not possible for A to reach B in a very short time.Next, B said he is inviting A to go now but what if A is seriously going over? (reachable distance in short time).  It's kind of useless for saying 'bo jio' when B is already there. 

Another scenario would be :

A: shiok lor...go eat bo jio =( 
B: nvm...we go together next time 

This is another swear but an empty promise just to stop you from haunting that post again. Since B has went there without asking you along, sometimes it is kind of obvious that they have no intention to invite you at the first place. Therefore, there's no point leaving a comment ''bo jio'' as though you are forever alone. Everyone has their own preference even if everything comes randomly or spontaneously, they would definitely ask you along if they have you in their mind. So if you are not in the list, you should roughly know why. 

A: jio
B: how I know you wanna go too =.=

If A and B are in the same group of friends then it's a bit too much for B to answer this way. All of you in the same group go to a place without A yet you answer this way, apparently you guys are purposely leaving out A. Sometimes little matter can tell who should you place top in your list. 

I have nothing to blog about and find this topic rather interesting so blog a little on it. Bo Jio is still usable on certain posts but please don't ever use it on people who purposely leave you out and trying to show off. Please do not ever give them chance to make a fun out of you :) If someone ever use this phrase on you, tell them off. 

The scenarios above are real life stories adapted from my facebook news feed but I have edited. But of course, the interpretations are all my own assumptions and opinions. How true is it, you be the judge. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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Wan Haffiz said...

waa...100% correct la ur Q&A..

i c ma frenz use dat answers script lei....haha