Sunday, February 26, 2012

Yum Cha @ Chinatown, Singapore

Yeah, finally I got the photos transferred into my Dello from my friend's memory card. I visited this restaurant a few months ago but I think I did not blog about it yet. (my memory is not reliable sometimes) We had planned to go for a buffet for quite some time and friend suggested this Chinese restaurant at Chinatown, Singapore. 
The crews were pushing trolleys with dim sum and stopped by every table to ask whether you want any. The table was full with dim sum. Everything looks yummy. 
This soup is heavenly sweet and tasty. You have gotta try this if you are going to have dim sum buffet there. Trust me, you are so gonna order second bowl of it :)

Lift up the xiaolongbao and the soup is gonna flow out from it. Must get ready with your spoon just not to waste the essence. haha 
I like egg tarts especially the one being served with dim sum. Most of the time their egg tarts's pastry is so crispy and nice while the egg is so smooth and fresh. Have a bite and it will melt in your mouth.  

There's a little story behind this picture. We were calling a young man over to help us to take a group photo. His first reaction was, I don't work here. So he thought we mistook him as the crew there and we laughed. 
Had a very scrumptious and heavy high tea but shiok ahhhh~~ We decided to have a walk along the street before heading back home. 

I think I have blogged about it before but I couldn't find the post in my blog. Never mind, it's okay to post it again. Good things are meant to be shared. Dim sum dim sum dim sum~~ =) Please find me as your cari makan kaki...

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