Wednesday, March 14, 2012


It has been a long time since our last meeting in last year after I have done my internship at the company. We would contact each other via facebook or WhatsApp once in a while.  Finally we get to meet at our 'lao di fang'. I didn't see them for half a year but no awkwardness between us and as though we were separated for just a few days. 

Samsung released Galaxy S2 during the period of my internship so we were like discussing about it all the time in the office. Now, tadaa, three of us are using the same model of mobile phone. 

Without them, my life in office would be kind of miserable. My desk was in a room, so usually before and after lunch they would gather at my desk first to 38 38 first. I have to admit that my face forever looks glum and as though I-detest-the world-so-much. Once I put my guard down, most probably you would see a cheerful and talkative me. :) We spent 9 hours together so it's normal for us to share stories with each other. They helped me a lot at work too. 

Me, the Darth Vader Wann 
Toy R'us is a very playground for kidults too, not only for little kids. 

There's a meaning behind 3PM.
PM - Perempuan Malaysia
Okay, it's so lame and ewww but we kind of like it. haha
The limelight is actually the monkey on my head.

Last year, Facebook just launched a game named - Draw My Thing. So we would play this game with each other after work. It's not easy to draw by using the mouse so basically the drawings would be horrible. We were addicted to this game and there were few times we rushed back to office after lunch to play this game. Oh-my-god, we just couldn't stop laughing and teasing the drawings. 

Now, there's an app called - Draw Something for smartphones. It's quite similar to the FB game just that different name and it's one-to-one guessing and drawing game. Many friends complained on my drawings, I feel sorry to them but I can't help it. I don't have much talent in drawing moreover I have to draw using my finger. 

I am gonna show you the best two drawings that I drew and managed to captured it down. At least, you should be able to guess what I drew, am I right?

Next, it's my friend's drawing. Quite cute so I captured it down :) 

I am having complicated feelings for entering my final semester of my final year of my degree studies. This semester is gonna pass so fast so I must treasure it as much as I could. Hope everything will be alright! Hakuna Matana~~ 

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