Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I patronized Dragon-i before but not Canton-i. Hmmm they are having the same interior layout and everything in the shops except the varieties of food. 

My uncle and cousin ordered this barbecued pork and canton style roast pork rice. It looks really nice but I didn't try it. 
Show one more picture of it, hehe. The amount of rice is big so rice lovers are so gonna love it.  
I ordered these egg tarts. Thumbs up for it!! The pastry is crispy and the egg is smooth, have a bite and it melts in your mouth. Oh, love~! 
This Hong Kong style of Yinyong is seriously not my glass of tea/coffee. I have to add in sugar by myself but the whole thing still so bland after adding in sugar. It's better to order only hot tea next time. 

My cousin ordered this bowl of sichuan sour and spicy fish. No kidding, there's a lot of big black pepper in the dish.  
Yam custard buns!! Okay, must eat it hot so the custard would be watery. I still miss the one lau sha bao from Macau... 
Thanks cousin for buying this bottle of Sticky candies to me. I showed it to my sister and she said, isn't this the same as the one we ate at Victoria market, Melbourne. True lah but I don't remember the taste =.= Both places can see the process of rolling the candy into tube and cutting it. 

That's all. Bye!! :)

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