Saturday, March 03, 2012

George and Dragon Cafe

"Eh...yesterday I went to George and Dragon and their food is really good" 
"George and Dragon serves really good western cuisine, you should go..." 

That's what I used to hear from my friends in class during secondary school but never have the chance to visit there. Every time papa drives passing by the shop I would suggest that we should pay a visit to that cafe next time since everyone is praising the good food served. However, we never did. Years passed and finally I stepped into the cafe. Not knowing that I am going there so I didn't bring my Blackstone out with me but an empty stomach for dinner, that's all. It happened too randomly.

That's how the cafe looks like from outside. It's a corner shop lot along the road. From my point of view, you might not notice this cafe or even dine in unless you know it is George and Dragon that serves nice western cuisine.   

Now they have a branch at Johor Premium Outlet (JPO). 

We seated at a corner next to the bar counter. I told my friends the place is easier for me to go to the washroom not being notice, haha. Even the washroom is nicely decorated and spacious. 

The mushroom soup is delicious~ Full with lotsa mushrooms which I really loving it. Had it as starter is really a good choice made.
I had no idea why am I so in love with scones but they are really good. They serve the scones warm. Cut the scone into half and spread a little jam on it, heavenly yummy!! I plan to order just scones and coffee for high tea next time. 

This my fish and chips. A very big piece of fried Dori fish with nice tartar sauce. I was a little full after eating the garlic bread, mushroom soup and a scone somehow I still threw the whole fish and chips into my stomach. There were only 3 of us and we ordered too much. After that, I still ate a piece of that thin crust pizza and the remaining scone. BLOATED!! 

When the food is served
Me: Eh, stop talking to me now, I am not free!!
Friends: Why? @@a
Me: Busy eating lah...wanna enjoy my food max~~ 
Friends: Don't care!! 

After finish eating
Me: Okay, you may talk to me now
Friend: Okay, you talk lo..I won't reply
Me: LOL =.=

The interior of the cafe brings us out of Malaysia. The lighting is just nice because I don't like it to be too dim. 
 Behind me is a wine rack. The price for a glass of wine is RM30. Not sure whether we could bring our own wine without charges. Only the second part of the restaurant has candle on every table. They would only light it up if there is patron. So, we actually had candle-lit dinner. haha

Big grin on my face because I enjoyed the food~ Another reason would be finally stepped into the cafe. It's no longer a myth to me, haha. 

My friend shared a story of a couple to us. There's a couple used to dine at George and Dragon when they were dating even during their anniversary. Now, they are married. George and Dragon cafe is still their choice for celebrating their wedding anniversary but now they bring along the kids. The story of my friend's bro's friend's parents. Complicated huh?! 

How about you? Do you have a desired cafe or restaurant where you celebrate your anniversary there annually?

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