Thursday, March 22, 2012

International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

Hotel Equatorial Bangi breakfast buffet is not bad but not much varieties. Maybe it's unusual for me to get up so early therefore I don't find the cakes and breads attractive enough. Duh!! I like the nasi lemak and fried rice. French toast was nice and hash browns were too oily. As usual, I would normally start with cereal and milk if I have my breakfast at a hotel. No idea why, that's my habit.  
My sis took this picture while I was showing something to sweetheart. Her expression is epic!
Her OS: What are you doing huh, mummy??
 She's in her Minnie Mouse pyjamas bought from Taiwan. 

It was the last day of the hot air balloon fiesta and I went since was somewhere nearby ( I assume it is lah). We were still discussing in the car whether will it rain who knows it rained few minutes later. The weather remained cloudy and drizzled for quite long. Not even one hot air balloon can be seen!! After that, we ended up walking around those booths as though strolling at night market or some flea markets. No hot air balloon to see so we walked around. We went for tea break and back to the place in the evening.  
 Haizz the sky wasn't nice, no clouds no sun shine :(
 There are ropes tying down the hot air balloons. 
 I like only this balloon because it is colorful enough to grab my attention. 
Other balloons, sorry! 
 I am too short!! We witnessed a very short proposal whereby the expressions of the couple
couldn't be seen. I guess she must have nodded and said yes.
 Can't figure out what were they trying to do.
The end of the sharing. Photos quality, thumbs down. Okay lah, at least I went to the fiesta and saw those hot air balloons, better than nothing. Thanks to kawan for fetching me too! 

My murmur: 
I can see the gap but no party is putting in effort to seal up the gap. Life still goes on so wonderfully even without you and me. Just hi and bye, no longer affiliated. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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