Monday, March 19, 2012

Limau Limau Cafe

Cheng Hoon Temple, the oldest temple in Malaysia, one of the tourist spots in Melaka as well. I love to visit this temple and do my prayers there. It's normal to see tourists walking around in the temple regardless of nationality. The guy who is standing at the door is a blind man. He has a little stall at the doorstep. He will ask whoever passing by to buy a packet of tissue paper from him. *spot his stall near to the rickshaw* 
The statues are built by all kinds of broken pieces of colorful ceramic bowls. Very nice but sadly I don't know what do they symbolize of. A group of Japanese tourists passed by me while on the way walking to the cafe and something in the hands of one of them caught my eyes. I was shocked and listening to his exciting tone kept me puzzled. Obviously, I don't understand Japanese language. He bought a paper iPad that we burn it for the dead ones. Okay, I am assuming the tour guide didn't explain to him the purpose of the paper iPad or he finds the thing is interesting so he bought it as a souvenir. Speechless. 
People have been telling that this cafe serves yummy sandwiches but I couldn't find time to try it. Finally, I am free so decided to give it a try and chill out at the cafe. We chose the seat upstairs, more privacy and were the only patrons at that time. There're only words on the A4-sized laminated menu without any picture shown.  
This is toasted wholemeal bread with ham, cheese and egg. The colourful ingredients are appetizing. I didn't expect the sandwich to be this tall, usually the gap between two pieces of bread wouldn't be this big. The thick omelette made me go ohh-la-la, the vege and tomato pieces make it tastier. 
This is another toasted wholemeal bread with only ham and cheese without the egg. So, it is RM2 cheaper. Look at the surface of the toasted bread, it looks nicer compared to the previous one. 
I seriously love this colourful sandwich tower of mine. hahaha It doesn't only look good but tastes really good too. I personally think this is so much tastier compared to Subway.
Eating sandwich and a cup of earl grey tea make the perfect lunch tea of the day. I love to drink hot tea. We were sitting at upstairs so couldn't request for refilling hot water for me. So sad, I had only a cup of it. 
The sandwich tower is quite firm so I could cut it and have all layer on the fork. The best thing is I stuffed the whole triangle into my mouth at once, one mouthful of it makes a jolly me. LOL 
I super-dee-duper love this sandwich so must show few pictures of it in this post. haha 

These are the layout of the corner on the first floor of the cafe. Simple and nice decorations. They would play some English country songs too.

This is the ground floor of the cafe. Gotta make payment at the counter.

The crystal lights are nice, another special decorations of the cafe too.  It could be its signature too. 

After makan, just simply walking around Jonker street. I have quarantined Blackstone for almost 2 months after CNY so decided to bring it out for some shooting. 
This dragon is still here even though CNY is over. It is long but no idea whether the dragon in Pavilion is longer.
It was a bright sunny day so I took this picture under the shade of a tree. I edited eyes and mouth for the clouds to make it more lively. Quite matching, isn't it?
This photo is extremely not nice but the only thing I am trying to show is the bokeh. haha 
My dinner for that night, chicken teriyaki ramen at a little Japanese+Korean cuisine shop. Look at the heart-shape hard boiled egg. <3

My murmur: 
I have to say kind-hearted people do still exist in this world. Just about 2 weeks ago my mum drove me to the bus station and I put a book, pouch and my purse on my laps. I forgotten about my purse when I got down from the car and didn't realise my purse fell to the floor. Then a Malay uncle called me and asked is that mine, omg I got a shock when I saw my purse on the floor. I thanked him few times and got lecture from my mum for being so careless. 

I hopped on to the bus, few hours passed and I reached my destination. So, I carried my stuffs and walked down the bus. Suddenly I heard someone calling, Miss, Miss...I turned and looked, omg my book =.= Again, I thanked him few times but different guy. If I lost the book, I am gonna be in trouble too 'cause that's my friend's book. I count myself lucky to meet these two guys, may God bless them too. 

The other day I went to a shop to buy drinks then I saw a RM10 note on the floor, right in front of the counter. I picked up and gave to the cashier telling him that it was on the floor. The conversation between the crews kind of pissing me off. 
A: People honest mah...
B: walao you know or not, RM10 means a lot to me silly de that fella
Mind your words, okay. I am not stupid for passing that RM10 as it wasn't even mine. Add on, I didn't even say RM10 is little to me. In addition, I am your patron yet your were discussing about me so loudly as though I am deaf. I wouldn't mind if they are complimenting, obviously they were not. Spoiled my mood. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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