Saturday, March 24, 2012


This is a movie that I wanted to watch it so much after knowing it on Taiwan variety show. We actually planned to watch it in Singapore a month ago afraid that Malaysia's cinemas will not show it. However, our plan failed and just got to watch it last night. All handsome guys and pretty ladies in a movie, very nice.  

Every character in the movie is looking for their love, learn to love and be loved. 

All 3 handsome young dudes have scene with naked upper body. They are so muscular and fit can, no kidding!! My friend sitting beside me couldn't stop wow and wow. haha 

Xiao-ni (the girl on the left) and Li Yi Jia (the girl on the right) are best friends. Yi Jia loves the guy (Ah Kai, xiao-ni's bf) and got pregnant with his child. Kinda complicated. 
Both of them look great in short hair!!!! 

We walked into the hall and sat down waiting for the movie to start. The movie started and it's getting strange after looking at the name of the cast and also the name of the director. We wanted to leave the hall thought that we entered the wrong venue until we saw so many question marks on others' head too. haha So, we sat back and enjoyed the first few minutes of the HK movie. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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