Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ranting and Raving

Heart beats fast! 

That's exactly how I felt when it's time to check my result for the just passed final exams. I saw people updated their fb statuses, mostly with good news but mine wasn't released yet so was pretty worried about it. Refreshing and refreshing, oh gosh, all PASS!! You can't never imagine how happy I was. I feel like a lucky draw winner with super-dee-duper good luck won a prize that I long for. Thank god and also my lecturers. I am very pleased with the results even though it's not with flying colours. 

I started to rant about how worried I am to friends as the date of result release is getting nearer. Somehow, there's one particular friend gave me very positive energy on the day before the result release. We are coursemates but we don't usually have long chat, normally just come random crappy kind of conversation or jokes if we meet in classes. She asked me not to worry and even analyzed everything for me. She said if everything was okay for the past few academic years, this semester is gonna be okay too. After that, she continued her sentence with, I can sense your intelligence. I was pretty shock but warm in heart. Seriously, who will ever tell you this simple yet warming meaningful words at critical moment when she was nervous too. 
She said she was just telling what she has noticed and observed, not trying to say sweet words to comfort me.  The words mean a lot to me, the feeling is like how an artist hopping jolly dolly over the art piece being recognised and appreciated by some masters.  Touched!

I am forever a student with average result that seems rather useless but I have friends with outstanding results regardless schooling time or even college. Therefore it's normal for me to look tiny and not noticeable, the best part is I am kind of used to it. If I would rant to you, I definitely wish to hear some encouragement from you and give me some positive energies. The most heart breaking words that I heard from a friend were, who asks you didn't study? The only I did was sighing. I did put my efforts and tried my best in every examination. I know my limits so I am clear how far I could reach too. Even though I am not brilliant still I have to say, please do not look down on me!! I have my talents too :)

Thanks for the encouragements!! You make me feel better. Stay positive ^^ 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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