Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ying's Birthday

I have refurbished my blog. Now it has bigger width for the content, photos won't be covered by the side bar anymore. Bid farewell to the black background bokeh blogskin that served me for almost 2 years!! Let's welcome this sky blue background together with the new header picture :) 

We custom made this Rilakkuma fancy cake for my friend as her birthday cake. Its original design was Hello Kitty but we changed it to Rilakkuma because now it is her big love. The whole thing is overly sweet, everything is coated with sugar!! Finish the whole thing might get diabetes, I guess. However, the cake base itself is still acceptable. 

 Hopefully she seriously love the cute cute cake. Wish her to get fatter so won't be so small size when standing right next to me. LOL Okay lah, I am forever a giant next to her.  

Everyone looks so fair in this picture, fuyoh!!!! We were the only ladies on that night.

Come, a group picture of the 9 of us. Did you spot couple? *hint* attire...hahaha
Hello, amoi!! 

We went to sing k for second round. Hmmmm I was having fun playing with the games in my friend's phone. I am so noob in playing Temple Run, ish ish ish. 
Please don't blame me for the half face 'cause there are two photos were taken using landscape not Somehow everyone's face is in, consider good lah... 
I was like so super tired in the KTV room but the moment I reached home straight away on laptop to watch All England 2012. The online streaming of the match was really slow and laggy so I tried my all best to tune the channel on the TV. Finally, I was done and few minutes later the match was ended too due to Dato Lee's injury. Hope he could recover soon and wish him good luck in Olympics games 2012 :) 

Photos credit to dummy! :)

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