Thursday, April 26, 2012

Auto show @ Melaka

Speaking of auto show, first thing that comes into the mind would be those pretty babe at the show, don't you? Alright, we did see many of them posing and taking picture. There were a few guys holding those canggih DSLR and looked pro whereas me was the only female holding DSLR looking noob and short beside them. Therefore I exchanged camera with my friend and held his compact camera :)
The one in the middle is Leng Yein, a M'sian model. I don't really know about her but just happened to be there and saw her. I know where are you looking at now, guys. XD

Enough of sexy babes' pictures. Now, let me show you those automobiles which are equivalent awesome too.  


 Don't play play, this is a kind of transportation too, okay!

I don't know anything about automobile so nothing much I could write for captions. It's a really nice experience to see those antique cars that we don't see them on the road. Those cars still look so new and in good condition. I can see those car lovers really did put in much efforts in maintaining the cars. Well done!! and also thanks for showing to the public. haha

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