Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cari Makan

It's another makan trip in Malacca. Gather everyone and had meals together is fun. Told ya, dinner table is the best place in building rapport. We have more words and more things to share before and after makan. That's why people love to make their deals at dining place. 
Malacca's most famous chicken rice balls. Try to guess how many chicken rice balls are there??

Yeah yeah, I visited Sam Patissier once again since some of them haven't been there. Dessert after main course is kinda normal.  

This is sour cherry cheese cake. Just like the name itself, the top filling is really sourish.
Sesame cake.

Oreo cheese cake.
 Chocolate Lava
Mini sized cheese cakes. Quite nice actually.
Ta-daa, it's me posing with the Canon camera. My posture is kinda weird but I don't care. hahaha =.=
The 3rd and last stop was Pizza Hut. Everyone was worn out and can't think of any place to settle our dinner so we picked this.  

The chicken floss pizza, should be considered as a new flavour of Pizza Hut.
I like cheese. This is so cheesy and I love it. om nom nom 

Lastly, the remaining 3 of us went to Casa de cafe for a little yum cha session to chill out before going home. It was a really tiring but happy day!! Left only 1 month with my fellow coursemates, I have to treasure every outing with them. Out of a sudden, I don't bear to leave my friends. 

Wisdom is only found in truth

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