Saturday, April 21, 2012


Hey hey...I am now quite active on Instagram ever since it launched this application for Android users. This is a long awaited application for me and my friends who are not iPhone users. By the way, Facebook has bought over Instagram just few days after the launch for Android. Hmmmm... 

These are the colours that each of us own. I prefer mine to be round like a pen whereas theirs are in rectangular shape. So, orange, yellow, pink and green are the most popular colours of highlighter selling in the stationery shop, am I correct? No?! 
This is an antique piano look sharpener from a friend as a present for one of my birthdays. It reminded me of Jay Chou's Secret. Okay, it is not a grand piano but it looks old. hehe 
Just a bottle of fragrance and a piece of bracelet. Heart shape!!! I kinda like this picture...though I took it, not to flatter myself okay..XD
Pancakes...or hotcakes??!! tastes quite nice but just that it is not filling. My pancakes forever wouldn't turn out this nice looking, any cooking tips for me??
Asked omma to bake cashew nuts for me to bring it back to the hostel. Well, I just couldn't stop eating after throwing one into my mouth. My throat starts to feel a bit sore and dry. This is not a good sign for me. Nuts are good for health and I love it!
I am addicted in chewing those sweet potato balls and taro balls, and also the pearls. Sweet stuff, I like!! 

Sticky candies again. Did you notice the details in the circle? Seriously, it is impossible for me to finish all this by myself.
Went to my friend's room and did this home manicure. How is it?? heeheeee

Okay that's all for sharing the pictures from my Instagram account. There are lots of wonderful and awesome pictures on Instagram. The filter makes the photo even more nicer. I enjoy viewing the pictures and people are creative and talented. The end of the post, just to say, I have an Instagram account too. *grin* You may follow me too!!! :) 

Have a nice day!! 

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