Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Just Want Cafe

Coffee art is now the new thing or trend for many coffee house. We happened to see this Groupon deal and got attracted by the fancy coffee arts shown on the web so decided to give it a try. Coffee fragrance, very nice!

Honestly, the coffee arts are totally different from the ones we saw on the web. We were told it would vary but I don't expect the big difference. At least the coffee arts for latte are better than the heart-shaped or leaf-whatsoever-shaped for cappuccino. The taste of the coffee, okay, not my cup of coffee =.= Disappointed, sad face. 

The meeting of the duckie on a plate. hahaha 
So this is the counter where they prepare the coffee. We could see how they brew the coffee too. The only thing I kind of dissatisfied with is the boss lecturing the crews in front of the customers. I don't find it appropriate to do it so. He told the crews to be flexible and don't be that particular when there are a lot of customers waiting. It would be better if he tells the crews in lower volume or in a room so it won't grab the attention of the customers, won't spoil the atmosphere. 

photos credit to dummy! 

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