Friday, April 06, 2012

Majlis Wanita Mawar (Johor)

The first time I stepped into the place was either during kindergarten or 7 or 8 years old for a music performance. I still remember the teacher of the other classes helped their students to put on make up whereby me and my fellow friends with bare faces stood up the stage under the spot light. hehe

Years passed and my secondary school is at that area. That little corner selling some local delicacies eventually turns into one of the favourite spots of the two schools' students. It's within walking distant so we would either leave our bags in school and walk there for lunch or tea break if we are staying back or stop by there before we take bus home. 
Not only students from schools nearby patronize their stall but also many others. Therefore, it's not easy for us to get a seat. It would be even harder if we go in a big group. Now they are providing more tables and chairs without shelter. Sitting under shelter is already so humid and non-stop sweating, I guess I would curse more if I need to undergo sunbathing and sauna while waiting and eating my food. 
All these fried banana are selling like hot cakes. Gotta make an order with one of them , either RM1 or RM2 or more. That day we waited for 15 minutes before the pisang goreng is served. 
Don't know how to differentiate the bananas, which is better and all this.
Stuffed beancurd or better known as tauhu sumbat is one of the signature dishes of the stall. I used to add in a lot black sauce, it's nice!! For those who don't like bean sprouts, sorry you gotta miss it. 
It's look pretty common but what we asked for was reminiscence. However, I think the food was nicer in those days. My friend maybe those days we walked there in sweat so we find it nicer. Somehow I think it's true. We walked in a few and ber-38 all the way until we arrived at the stall. 
I only entered into this building once and inside is nicely decorated with collection items if not mistaken. I went there in school trip around 8 years ago. wow That's long!!  
The Clock Tower, Johor Bahru is one of the landmarks of my hometown. That's my first time walking up and sitting at the steps. During my time, school sports day was held at the field behind this clock tower. There's a year I followed Ranger's seniors to join the National Day's celebration at this place. We were all in full uniform and had to stand like a log under the sun. We couldn't see the performance on the stage and no idea what those fellas crapping on the stage. I almost fainted 'cause I was sick but still I went, couldn't find people to replace me. Think back of it, it's bittersweet memory. 
We purposely avoid looking at the camera and trying to do some candid shots. Okay lah, at least we did it. XD 

Okay, a proper group picture for the outing together with the fluffy bear. hahaha I like checkered and stripe tops A LOT, no idea why. 

We stopped outside my school to have a look at it. looks the same but it doesn't look the same. I do not know how to explain the contradiction but that's what I saw. 

photos credit to dummy!

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