Monday, April 09, 2012

Our makan trip

Friends always give a shocking look whenever I tell them I haven't try this and that food in Melaka. What's so surprising actually?

I will try to have as many makan trip as possible!!
I've always wanted to try this legendary Klebang coconut milkshake and finally I tried it before I graduate. All thanks to a friend who has car, never tried the milkshake but don't know the place. So, I led the way. Hmmm the milkshake actually tasted quite common but it's cheap. 

Friend posted cake's picture and I saw it so we went to look for it. Too bad, it was closed on that day. Therefore, we chose Nadeje Patisserie. 

This is strawberry chocolate mille crepe.
This is green tea mille crepe.
It was already 4pm+ and all I had was only that cup of milkshake so I ordered this Japanese mushroom soup spaghetti. It doesn't taste nice, not suitable to cook it this way. 
My friend wanted to eat putu piring so we went to buy. Asked me to take picture immediately after entering into the car. haha You must try it if you visit Melaka. The first time of eating a putu piring was at Vivo City's food republic. I got attracted by it and followed the flow to queue up to buy a few too. Quite nice. 
So happened to pass by here so I decided to have some bites here before it is full with patrons.  
The Tandoori Chicken is really good. The meat is tender enough, dip it with the sauce given and chew it. Oh mama-mia~
Double cheese naan. I love cheese so I was kinda regretted for not ordering triple cheese naan. The naan is good too. :) It did not disappoint me like some other mamak stall. Roti oh roti~ Not too much cheese since it's causing oily and fat belly. 

Days are numbered, treasure it!

Wisdom is only found in truth

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